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CNASMITH Design(Vancouver) Corp

CNASmith Design (Vancouver) Corp. is a company based in Vancouver, Canada

under top international professional construction project design company, CNASMITH Group.

that has 3 regional companies and 20 branches all over the world.


With the support of CNASmith China (800 designers, business all over China),

CNASmith Design (Vancouver) be able to offer all kinds of property owners 

in the field of pre design, schematic design (such as interior,

landscaping, lighting, animation, video etc.) in Greater Vancouver area.

We specialize in all kinds of large public buildings, office building, commercial building,

shopping Mall, hotel and tourism and recreation, sports buildings, museums, hospitals, Schools etc. 


Vancouver, Canada | shanghai, China

Taipei, Taiwan | Singapore | Indonesia

White Chair
Modern Interior Design
Meeting Space
Interior Design
Studio Living Room
Modern Shower
Interior Modern Brick House
Modern Bathroom
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